Custom Process

Gregory Kirby  creates custom furniture pieces to suit the individual needs of his various clients.  Solid hardwoods and traditional joinery are used to create handmade contemporary furniture.  Clients are able to specify every aspect of the piece of furniture including size of the piece, wood species and also a preferred joinery technique.


Gregory works strictly in hardwoods, primarily woods native to Wisconsin but uses exotics (imports) as necessary.  He has access to two hundred acres of hardwood in Wisconsin. This land is selectively logged in terms of recovering fallen trees and seeking out trees that have reached their maturity and will soon fall victim to storms or natural death. The recovered trees are converted to lumber with his own sawmill.  This provides the opportunity to control the size of the lumber and keep pieces from the same tree together for greater artistic detail.  The lumber is air dried for two years (minimally) and then brought into the woodshop to acclimate before becoming a part of a well planned piece of usable art.