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Glenn Schoepke – Web Designer

You may be asking yourself, “So who’s glenn and why would I want him to design my web stuff?” 

Great question!

First, and most importantly, I am an interested listener and would appreciate hearing from you ~ what are your goals, what are your challenges, what help could you use to make progress with your project?  What are the most important things you want others to know with that first impression?

We all know the importance of first impressions, whether on a business or a personal level, and when it comes to web design, capturing the essence of what is most important to you is an essential component of my service.

Secondly, I know from previous, varied experiences; that design and creation are a collaborative effort. It’s a matter of putting our heads together to merge your concepts and my broad skills. This partnership will give life to your ideas. Fortunately, I have a wealth of practical design experience, results, and innovative moxie going for me.

Please peruse my Gallery page for the most current projects and check out the testimonials page to view awards, endorsements, and skills overviews. Then, take that step and call or email me to set up a time to make the connection. Why not work with a capable friend!

Glenn Schoepke

Glenn Schoepke

Web Designer / Developer