Professional Development

Program Name: Web Developer          Program#: 31-152-7      Glenn Schoepke

MPTC #393864    Program Acceptance in Spring 2013

This page summarizes Glenn’s personal improvement and professional development plans (LP4)

 Two web development skills that I’d like to improve on

1) Implementation of WooCommerce with WordPress

My goal is to continue my work with Kowata Tree to have an Ecommerce solution totally in place by the end of July, 2015.  My strategy is to push for completion of his business model for Ecommerce. Even if some configuration settings aren’t for sure, I want to set up the software so that we can validate the process flow.  I also plan on reading regularly from several Kindle books I have about WooCommerce, surfing user forums, and following people or groups that are experienced related to the topic.  I am a member of the local WordPress Meet-Up group and plan on being a regular at their bi-weekly meetings.

2) PHP coding

My goal is to be able to code at an ‘intermediate’ level by October, 2015. My strategy is to use any online training that I can find, especially as it relates to WordPress development.  I also have several books on the topic, and some Kindle books too.  I’ll probe to figure out the best learning sequence, or the best skills to nail down so that I can build from a strong base.  Another strategy is to search user forums and blogs to review questions and answers that are posted.  Finally, I am signed up with the Milwaukee Area PHP Meet-Up group, and will try to become a regular at their meetings.  Hopefully I can network or find a mentor there, or even a study partner with similar interest.

For both of these topics, there are often special seminars in the area.  I’ll use these two Meet-Up groups to find out more about those sort of opportunities as well as looking myself.  I also have an annual subscription to and I plan to continue my heavy use of it.