I appreciate these kind sentiments from co-workers and business partners.

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I had the privilege of working for and with Glenn for many years. He is a visionary leader that creatively applies technology to provide solutions that make people and business more productive and profitable. Glenn’s exceptional communication skills and charisma persuaded business leaders, satisfied customers and motivated team members. Pursuing his passion for web design provides another outlet for Glenn to collaboratively integrate computer expertise and business requirements to provide quality solutions.

Roy Cegielski

QuadTech, Inc, CAD/PDM Systems Manager

Glenn Schoepke should be the hottest candidate in today’s job market for people looking for the complete co-worker. He has an extraordinary skill set including a thorough understanding and command of CAD, an understanding of the latest trends and efficiencies of manufacturing, and is proficient in Web design. Each of the skills mentioned could be considered the basis of a profession and many people specialize in just one.

In Glenn’s case these skills are just a starting tool kit since he is capable of conceiving, designing and building projects the average mind would fear to embrace. After conception and creation of proof of concept , Glenn continues to enhance and polish in pursuit of perfection, total utility or maybe just satisfaction of a job well done.

Glenn challenges himself and has no limitation of interest or capability.  He’s a very complete package and it’ll be interesting to see how he applies himself.

Jerry Kirby

Owner - Kowata Tree, LLC., and Vice President IT (RET) - Quad/Graphics

The single most creative and committed mentor I have had the pleasure to work with.  Glenn was my coworker and boss for over 20 years, giving me every opportunity to learn a wide variety of tech skills.  From introducing me to computer graphics on an original Macintosh to customizing CAD/CAM applications on Unix/Windows machines, Glenn has always been respectful and patient.  Having a consistent track record as a strong leader with vast technical skills, Glenn brings exceptional value to any project, team, or company.  I’m proud to be affiliated with him.

Gary Voit

Quad/Graphics-Metalworks, Systems Integrator/Architect

I worked with Glenn at QuadTech for 24 years. I found Glenn to be enthusiastic, diligent and laser focused. Glenn’s technical aptitude manifested itself with him taking on management of QuadTech’s CAD systems and ensuring that QuadTech had solid and forward looking tools. As a QuadTech manager, Glenn utilized his creative and analytical skills in assessing needs and solutions and collaboration and teaching skills in implementing solutions. Glenn’s work quality standards are very high and the results he achieved reflect this.

Randy Freeman

QuadTech, Inc, Vice President and General Manager Packaging (RET)

Glenn is a detailed orientated, forward thinking individual that I often consulted with on a variety of technology-focused goals. Glenn was instrumental in creating the hierarchy and standard processes in our goal to implement the company-wide use of SharePoint. He is a natural leader and collaborative team member with a genuine interest in establishing relationships. I feel fortunate to have worked with him at QuadTech.

Michelle Kiekow

QuadTech, Inc, Content Marketing Specialist

Having worked with Glenn over several years I’ve come to appreciate some of his unique attributes. For a start Glenn is very personable and easy to work with which is a plus for him in working with others in achieving team related goals.

To have Glenn on a team adds not only energy but vision and an ability to take on difficult projects utilizing his very creative focus.

Glenn combines strong engineering abilities including design, mechanical and software which when aligned to his solution driven imagination results in highly effective results.

and he’s a bloody good golfer 🙂

David Barton

QuadTech Inc, Director Sales and Business Development (RET)

Glenn is a strategic thinker and directed Quad Tech in future technology initiatives that resulted in a significant change in the way products were developed. The initiatives resulted in reduced product development time and cost. I have witnessed Glenn embracing change and spearheading the change management process through his organization. He is extremely effective in directing broad groups of people in diverse job functions. During the time we’ve worked together Glenn repeatedly demonstrated his talent in thinking strategically and creatively to solve complex business problems. His intellect, innovation, ability to direct change initiatives, enthusiasm and great personality make him a great asset for any organization.

Julie West

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Director Customer Experience

I had the pleasure of working with Glenn for nearly 30 years. Glenn has always been a very creative and innovative thinker, particularly when it came to the efficient use of our CAD systems. Because of his creative ability, I’m sure that Glenn will be successful in his new endeavor as a web designer/developer.

John Neary

QuadTech, Inc, Engineering Manager

When I started at QuadTech, I worked for Glenn when he was the Director of IT. He was instrumental in helping me grow from a Business Analyst to a Department Manager by mentoring me and providing guidance along the way. His IT vision along with his passion for technology inspired everyone who worked with him to always strive for improvements in everything they do. Even when I didn’t report to Glenn, he was always available to offer leadership and direction.
Glenn has always had a great drive to continue expanding his technical skills. Combining his engineering background with his years of experience with numerous CAD systems, web development and programming is a natural extension of his skill set. He would be a great candidate for any organization and would bring leadership, experience, vision and ability to any team.

Becky Klotz

CL&D Graphics, Graphics Manager

Glenn is diligent in learning all aspects of projects, costs, processes, and human nature. He is inspired to combine new products and technologies to make our lives better.  His leadership transfers that enthusiasm to others with a relaxed but energetic relationship to all, from upper management to the shop floor. I consider it a privilege to have worked with him for many years.

Roger Crill

Manitowoc Crane, Senior CAD Administrator

I worked with Glenn for several years at QuadTech. Glenn was the Director of I.T. and I supported the President and several Director level personnel. Glenn was always respectful of my position and on several occasions offered improvement tips and tools to help me better support the executive team more efficiently. SharePoint was a program Glenn introduced me to and is a tool I still use today. Even though Glenn was at the Director level, he was always a good sounding board for me and was open to giving and receiving focused feedback. I know as an EA, I appreciated the open conversations and support of my position that Glenn offered to me at QuadTech.

Carrie Buschke

QuadTech, Inc., Executive Assistant

I worked with Glenn and his group on a number of projects. Glenn is easy to work with, forward thinking, and practical. I’d be happy to work with him again.

Steve Duncan

CNH Capital, Manager, Marketing Intelligence

Glenn was a colleague of mine and a fellow team leader/manager. I always found Glenn to be task focused and goal driven.  He could adapt quickly and change direction as needed to ensure the success of the company.

Jim Kliese

QuadTech, Inc, Engineering Manager (RET)

I have personally known Glenn for over fifteen years and had the pleasure to work directly with him for five of those years during our time as department directors at QuadTech.  Glenn is a forward thinker who played a key leadership role in laying the groundwork to upgrade our MRP and CAD design systems.  Glenn is a logical thinker and planner and a true “people person”, highly respected by many.  I personally learned a lot from Glenn and appreciated his guidance and coaching during the time we worked together.

Dan Piergies

QuadTech, Inc, Director of Manufacturing and Field Service, GM of Quad/Graphics Support SBU

Glenn is a very innovative thinker. He can see and seize future trends in the areas of web design, development, and computer technology. His thinking out side of the box and his ability to see a way to use those ideas make Glenn extremely valuable in an arena where every second counts.

Vanessa Chaney

FIS Global, Instructional Designer

I worked with Glenn for many years. I have always seen him as conscientious and easy to work with. He applied himself fully to understanding what other people needed and went out of his way to make that happen.

John Seymour

QuadTech, Inc, Applied mathematician and color scientist

Ex. Glenn is very detail-oriented and produced great results for the company

Joe Muehlbach

Quad/Graphics, Vice President, Integration and Program Management Office

Glenn is a visionary and is passionate about looking for ways to improve the company.  He is a mentor and leads by example.  I couldn’t have asked for a better person to learn under.

Mike Nichols

Quad/Graphics, IT Regional Coordinator