Humorous Magazine Cover

I re-created a popular UK magazine cover, featuring Leo slurping away.  Fox Noel is in the dryer in a non-staged napping spot and was never harmed or at risk in the making of this shot 🙂


Internship Week14

Kowata Tree.  We met last Monday to discuss WooCommerce and the configuration task. Once again, the settings will require decisions on many details that affect order taking, taxation, shipping, tax, etc. At this time the client is not prepared to fill in all the details.

Since I was busy with portfolio night preparations, we snuck a small meeting in as follow-up to the WooCommerce configuration challenge, only this time he focused on his accounting needs and having potentially having some integration. Frankly, this is outside the original scope, but is something that will be required.

We agreed to put this on hold until my classes were wrapped up, and determine what role I can still play in the bigger picture. We’ll be meeting next on May 13.

Internship Week13

Kowata Tree.  I spent all day this past Monday preparing for and conducting the 360-degree rotational photo shoot. I was anxious to prepare each of the 30 images shot at 12-degree increments using Photoshop. After four hours I made it through half of them. I improved my proceedure for the second half of the 30.

I created some info dot path/features on the output file that is used on the website, and got the viewer configured, and was able to see my work on a web page. Very satisfying.


I created a machining video, mainly to test the lighting and best angles to shoot from. Then I embedded the video into the theme and experimented with display/config settings. In prep for our next meeting, I installed WooCommerce after watching another Morten Rand-Hendriksen Lynda series. It was invaluable as he went through the configuration settings, which is something the client will need to decide on.