Tward user setup done

I just installed a user login module and created a site page and menu to display it. I customize the login form a little for now, just to see what’s happening.

Tward has author privs and I emailed him the credentials.

I created a list of ten questions, while logged in as tward, with contributor privs at the time. Would only let me submit for review. So, I logged in as myself with owner privs, and don’t see that nice list posting anywhere. I thought I’d see something that I’d need to approve. Maybe it is somewhere, but I’ll need to dig.

I plan to have a variety of blog topics, so I’ll be interested how/if I can manage more than one from this site. I have an internship blog that I’d like to move to this website, but will need to see how two blog topics live together, or not. I did apply the Image Editing tag to my posts so far, and that does segregate by category. A bit clunky.

Internship Week7

I continued helping ThinkBigger on the Woodlands School project. I stopped by her place to assist her in migrating her MAMP site to her hosting provider so that we could ‘work together’ on the site. She assigned me the contacts, events, and campuses pages, which I put together fairly quickly and made sure we weren’t working on the site at the same time.

I function tested all the completed work to date and ran them through four browsers and at five different @media sizes. I only found a few bugs, that she dealt with and tested herself.

My third, and largest internship project fired up this week. I called the client at kowata tree, as we had discussed earlier the later March would be best. We set a meeting for next Tuesday, the 24th.