Internship Week9

Kowata Tree.  I finished a draft of the internship agreement and met with the client on Monday. We reviewed the agreement and I needed to make some changes.

During Monday’s meeting we had a productive session, white-boarding the business process for his prospective custom furniture manufacturing. We also discussed the types of products and challenges with each, based on lead times, size, packing, and shipping. Another topic was about his thoughts on how the products and site could be marketed. I thought it would be helpful to talk about the envisioned customer profile, as well as any competition that he was aware of. Following the meeting I merged my notes.

I refined the internship agreement, accounting for some of the information gathered in the past few days, and also reviewing my availability. We met again on Wednesday for a quick review and sign-off on the internship agreement. I committed to finding a few terms, conditions, and privacy policy statements for him to review for later use.

We met yesterday to continue the business plan discussion, now in the context of Ecommerce. I’m realizing that this is complicated and that a lot of burden falls on the client to figure out his business model. We were both unsure about some of the terms, conditions, and privacy policy clauses so he was going to run them by his lawyer in the near future.

Internship Week8

For Thinkbigger, we ran into a problem where just some new uploads weren’t registering on the new site. We both research the issue which turned out to be a small PHP change.   She launched the site live yesterday, and we met earlier today to admire our work (mostly hers)! I got my timesheet approved, and I informed her that I wouldn’t be available, except for emergency, since I needed to shift gears to Kowata Tree. I agreed to let my bill float until mid May, since I might still do some work for her. She also needed to get paid for the project.


I met with the owner of Kowata Tree as planned to gather typical client information and discuss the general internship agreement. Note to self: I really need to make a big checklist of items if I’m going to be doing this regularly. As follow-up I researched some hosting pricing options to compare with his current plan.

This morning I wrote up the majority of the Internship Agreement, first consolidating my notes, and then making it look pretty. I plan to finish it this weekend and hope we can meet early next week to finalize.