Tward user setup done

I just installed a user login module and created a site page and menu to display it. I customize the login form a little for now, just to see what’s happening.

Tward has author privs and I emailed him the credentials.

I created a list of ten questions, while logged in as tward, with contributor privs at the time. Would only let me submit for review. So, I logged in as myself with owner privs, and don’t see that nice list posting anywhere. I thought I’d see something that I’d need to approve. Maybe it is somewhere, but I’ll need to dig.

I plan to have a variety of blog topics, so I’ll be interested how/if I can manage more than one from this site. I have an internship blog that I’d like to move to this website, but will need to see how two blog topics live together, or not. I did apply the Image Editing tag to my posts so far, and that does segregate by category. A bit clunky.