Duotone Image Rates 5 Stars!

For LP4, I took a nice rural, back-roads free photo, and converted it to duotone. Very easy to implement duotones, but you must have a totally unsaturated, b/w, monochrome image to make this work.  The easy to follow example I used was from


I like a brownish, magenta-ish look.  Gives it that retro feel.  I was amazed to see how many profiles for duo and tri-tones exist in the PhotoShop library.

I tried adding a title and some gold stars to give it some motivational feel, discovering that adding text or embedding another image into the duotone image.psd, resulted in those additions becoming duotone also.



To work around this, I saved the .psd to .jpg, thereby flattening it. Then, I placed another .jpg file with the stars and text that were colorized and the two coexist, displaying both duotone and rgb properties.


LP3 Collage – Four of the Greatest Golfers

An ambitious project to make the best use of my limited golf, selfie-type photos.   Notice the original polaroid photo with the three legends.  The wanna-be polaroid shows the young pup breaking into the scene.  Why, I even borrowed Mr. Player’s ensemble, less the hat.  I tried an orangish color sweater to match my hat, but settled for a black sweater like Gary had on.

The inclusion of a larger scoreboard and proper lettering, proved to be challenging.  I also noticed that I have a defective cap made by Titleist (Tsieltit as shown).   Ha, if I hadn’t pointed that out I might have gotten away with this attempt at fame!



Here’s the primary image that is about 85% believable.  Still need to work on clothing re-colorization!