LP3 Collage – Four of the Greatest Golfers

An ambitious project to make the best use of my limited golf, selfie-type photos.   Notice the original polaroid photo with the three legends.  The wanna-be polaroid shows the young pup breaking into the scene.  Why, I even borrowed Mr. Player’s ensemble, less the hat.  I tried an orangish color sweater to match my hat, but settled for a black sweater like Gary had on.

The inclusion of a larger scoreboard and proper lettering, proved to be challenging.  I also noticed that I have a defective cap made by Titleist (Tsieltit as shown).   Ha, if I hadn’t pointed that out I might have gotten away with this attempt at fame!



Here’s the primary image that is about 85% believable.  Still need to work on clothing re-colorization!




Internship Week11

Early in the week, I made a few maintenance changes on the KowataTree existing site. Since no backup was performed for a while, I also cloned the site to a local drive after I struggled with FTP a bit. Since some of the existing content would be re-used, I spent some time charting the assets to make it easier to use them later.

I had talked the client into 360 degree photography product marketing, so I read up on what components I’d need to build a carousel and what photography equipment would be involved. I ordered the components from Amazon. I also began looking at WordPress themes that were advertised as being most ‘compatible’ with various Ecommerce plugins or solutions. I felt that using WooCommerce would be less costly as a trial solution, and that it has a large installed base with decent user ratings.

We met again earlier today to review my findings and recommendation. I needed to back up a bit, and explain the CMS approach vs. a HTML/CSS approach. He was on-board with a WordPress approach, and we toured a few of the themes that I found, picking one to proceed with.

Took the opportunity to get my timesheet approved, too.

Tward user setup done

I just installed a user login module and created a site page and menu to display it. I customize the login form a little for now, just to see what’s happening.

Tward has author privs and I emailed him the credentials.

I created a list of ten questions, while logged in as tward, with contributor privs at the time. Would only let me submit for review. So, I logged in as myself with owner privs, and don’t see that nice list posting anywhere. I thought I’d see something that I’d need to approve. Maybe it is somewhere, but I’ll need to dig.

I plan to have a variety of blog topics, so I’ll be interested how/if I can manage more than one from this site. I have an internship blog that I’d like to move to this website, but will need to see how two blog topics live together, or not. I did apply the Image Editing tag to my posts so far, and that does segregate by category. A bit clunky.

Internship Week10

Kowata Tree. Having research some furniture sites and a few other custom order product sites, I was prepared to share my findings at our Wednesday meeting. It was a needed, albeit lengthy review, to see some of the driving business models and how the order processes were structured and explained.

We ran out of time on Wednesday, so we picked up again yesterday. Our discussion turned to a reality check on his manufacturing capacity and the related lead-time on addressing custom orders. Due to the varying size of some prospective products, the topics of packing/handling and shipping methods and costs were discussed.

It was challenging to walk through some of these topics. Fortunately the client has a strong business background, but it was evident that moving the business model to an ecommerce platform would add complexity to the process. It was at this point where we both realized that there would need to be more research done, both on the business model/manufacturing issues and about how an ecommerce solution could be a fit.   We needed to let some of this sink in.

Internship Week9

Kowata Tree.  I finished a draft of the internship agreement and met with the client on Monday. We reviewed the agreement and I needed to make some changes.

During Monday’s meeting we had a productive session, white-boarding the business process for his prospective custom furniture manufacturing. We also discussed the types of products and challenges with each, based on lead times, size, packing, and shipping. Another topic was about his thoughts on how the products and site could be marketed. I thought it would be helpful to talk about the envisioned customer profile, as well as any competition that he was aware of. Following the meeting I merged my notes.

I refined the internship agreement, accounting for some of the information gathered in the past few days, and also reviewing my availability. We met again on Wednesday for a quick review and sign-off on the internship agreement. I committed to finding a few terms, conditions, and privacy policy statements for him to review for later use.

We met yesterday to continue the business plan discussion, now in the context of Ecommerce. I’m realizing that this is complicated and that a lot of burden falls on the client to figure out his business model. We were both unsure about some of the terms, conditions, and privacy policy clauses so he was going to run them by his lawyer in the near future.